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NeuroFitRx uses a unique set of brain-based assessments to uncover areas of the brain and nervous system that are under performing.  Each drill/movement is designed to target specific sensorimotor/cognitive pathways and post drill assessments are used to evaluate the relative impact of a drill or drills. The drills/movements that enhance movement and/or cognitive skill will be used to create new brain connections. 

Functional Pain and Rehab Solutions

​Pain science has evolved to include many areas of the brain and nervous system.  Pain-free movement is the most important goal of our programs, because pain ALWAYS distracts the brain.  A distracted brain will slow response time and lead to poor decision making skills, resulting in performance problems and increased injury risk.  Our comprehensive pain/injury evaluation system addresses the sensory signalling and brain interpretation.  Customized neurological corrections are used to facilitate proper function of the sensory, brain and muscular systems.


Sport Specific Training 

This is NOT your typical "functional training" program.  Our personalized training programs monitor your progress adding new skills that challenge your current abilities.  Our "sweet spot" approach means your progress is optimal because skills are not "too easy or too hard".  Drills, exercises and practice are specifically designed to improve your athleticism as it relates to your sport(s).


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