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Scott Peery 


Neurorehab and Brain-based Coaching Specialist
Z-Health® Certified Master Practitioner

P-DTR Advanced Certified





I have loved athletics for as long as I can remember.  Playing basketball, football and baseball with my friends every chance I got.  Some of my fondest memories growing up were playing basketball with my dad in our driveway or playing passer, receiver and defender (football) for hours with my two best friends.  Sports gave me a sense of identity, confidence and competence.  Much of “who I am” is the result of my athletic experience.  I was fortunate to have good coaching, a supportive family, and friends who shared my love for sports.  


I played varsity basketball for 2 years and varsity tennis for 4 years in high school.  I was a 3-time district champion and state qualifier in tennis.  I went on to play college tennis at a top Junior college and then I played #1 singles and #1 doubles for University of Oregon.



By the time I was 21 I had earned a USPTA Professional 1, and USPTR Professional level tennis teaching certifications.  At 25 I was the tennis director at a country club in Seattle. Then I took a tennis teaching position at the San Francisco Tennis Club. A year and a half later I began working as a personal trainer.


Fast-forward to 1994: I’m the Fitness Director at a small club in San Francisco and I have 4 highly respected personal training certifications, my training schedule was full but something was amiss!  I was designing exercise programs based on my course work and certifications yet my clients were always in some kind of pain or injured.  I always seemed to be “fixing clients” instead of training them.



I got married in 1995 and I became a “stay at home dad” when my daughter was born a year later.  I spent 6 years being a very observant parent, watching my children go through the developmental stages and noting how they were like some children their age and different than others.  I thought to myself “how do these initial movement experiences affect future movement”?   I now have 2 daughters age 25 & 27 and a son who’s 22.  We also have 3 dogs.



In 2001 I went back to work as a personal trainer; it was the beginning of the “functional exercise” movement.  I took course after course searching for a system that provided me with the tools to help clients get out of pain so they could train.


In 2003 I discovered Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), a system that looks at muscle control through the nervous system.  I spent the next 1½ years studying Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and taking advanced neuromechanics course work.


I became a Certified Muscle Activation Techniques practitioner in 2004, and I had some amazing results getting people out of pain and improving their performance, but questions remained!  I wanted to know why some clients had a recurrence of their pain or movement issues. I sensed there was more that I needed to know.


Then Came Z!

My search led to a phone call to see what Z-Health was all about.  I spent 6 days in southern California fighting traffic to attend the Z-Health R-Phase course, while the rest of my family was visiting Disneyland.  I was a bit overwhelmed, but excited as I felt I was finding out why my results with clients were mixed.


I had assumed in error that muscles should be the target of corrective exercise.  If your original hypothesis is faulty then everything based on it will also be faulty.  I had finally found the model that made sense of my experiences. It is through this neuro-lens I can evaluate each individual’s response to exercise, movement etc.  Each persons response to an exercise, drill, or movement is unique and their nervous system responds immediately.  If we know what to look for we can modulate their program, so they get optimal results with less effort and less pain.


P-DTR (Proprioception Deep Tendon Reflex) 2015

P-DTR principles are uniquely fast and effective.  Working with concussions, brain fog, digestion issues and much more.  An amazing tool!


FitFixFlow is the result of 20 years and 20,000 hours of study. I took my knowledge and distilled it into the easiest and most effective process for making corrections of the nervous system.  


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