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Welcome to the NeuroFitRx!
Cutting-edge programs to restore, repair, and rebuild your brain and body.

NeuroFitRx is the world's most advanced brain enhancement system for people 50+.  The center piece of our system is YOU!  Our comprehensive Sensory Motor and Cognitive Screen evaluates key areas of the brain responsible for improving cognitive and physical function.. Take advantage of the latest neuroscience and TARGET your training!  Don't waste time doing exercises that are not specific to YOUR needs. Sign-up for your FREE evaluation today!

Sensory Motor and Cognitive Screen
 See Sample Assessment

We use cutting-edge assessment tools to find and correct sensory problems making the impossible possible.  Our unique CONTEXTUAL testing and training ensures your body will perform in when you ask it to and injuries will not slow you down.

*Always check with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough before starting this or any other workout or fitness program.

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