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For the last year Scott has used his sensory reprogramming tools to help my members resolve their chronic pain issues overcome their technique challenges by correcting the receptors responsible for coordinating movement. It’s like they took a coordination pill! Scott has helped me incorporate specific reflex movements into each day’s warm-up so my class is feeling a “neuro” pump.


I have personally worked with Scott to resolve my own pain and movement issues and I look forward to my next performance milestone.


Sarah W.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Movement & Mobility Course

CSCS - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Owner Threshold Fitness


I sustained my 2nd concussion in less than a year in December 2015 which affected my ability to focus on my school work and train for soccer. I started training with Scott and noticed immediate changes in my attention, pain and fatigue. One by one my post-concussion symptoms resolved.  I was able to resume playing soccer (goalie) 3 months earlier than I was supposed to.  I continue to train with Scott to improve my soccer skills and reduce injury risk.


Willamette High School

Eugene Timbers FC (U15 goalie)


I'm a exercise junkie!  I love to work out in the gym, hike, bike, and play tennis.  I've been fighting some depression like symptoms for several years and exercise was my saviour.  A year ago I started having shoulder pain that impacted my ability to exercise and play tennis.  I tried physical therapy, and other therapies and nothing made the pain go away.  A friend recommended Scott at NeuroFitRx and saw him 1 time and I've been pain-free ever since.  It was amazing!!!  I see him for tune-ups every couple of months.


USTA 4.0

Exercise Junkie

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